Monday, June 1, 2009

Pedro's First Day of Work

It was Pedro the Guide Dog puppy's first day at work today as L, my office mate, is finally back from leave!  Isn't it horrible that I have to share my office with such a cutie?  Actually it is, as I got nearly no work done and got a crook in my neck from staring at Pedro sleep most of the day.  Hopefully the novelty will wear off and I will manage to be at least somewhat productive again sometime soon.  Of course it probably didn't help that about half of the department was squished in my office doing the same at one point or another today as well!  Pedro's first day was filled with lots of cuddles, scratches, playing, and long naps laying where-ever he pleased.
He also spent some time out doors on potty breaks in which he also snuck in rolling in the grass and attacking dandelion poofs.  Job well done Pedro, job well done.

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