Friday, June 5, 2009


Mom and I took a nice long walk up through San Carlos's residential area to the Public Library ooohing and aaahing over peoples garden's.  I have always gone to the Library at night and always thought the entry ceiling was kind of neat, but had no idea that it was really one big skylight filter.  It was astounding, like thousands of bright stars.
We then walked down Laurel Street to Vanilla Moon Bakery, which I have been eying ever since we moved here because of their cupcake pictures.  Chris and I have been trying to go for a while but every time we have headed up there it has been closed as they are often sold out.  We got a quatro leches and a peanut butter chocolate and split the two, both were good, but the peanut butter icing was incredible.  It was busy the whole time with people coming in and out, often leaving with whole boxes filled with cupcakes!  We then walked to the local grocery and bought some needed items for dinner.  Plans tonight?  We are making Jamie Oliver's Kofta recipe, drinking wine, and staying in.

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