Friday, June 5, 2009

Mom's Here!

Mom's finally here!  Seems a bit odd to have her in AZ in the morning and have her arrive here at the train station by lunchtime.  Marvels of the modern world.  Well of course I had to whisk her off to eat at Mack's right away where we split ribs and a pulled pork sandwich with all the fixin's.  I know, I am a little bit obsessed with that place....  It was glorious to chat on the back patio with her for so long that I think we surprised Vicki, one of the owners, when we emerged from the back (I suspect she thought there were no more customers there).  Then we went home and chatted some more then walked up to the farmer's market to collect dinner.  San Carlos is a bit idillic on Thursday farmer's market night with everyone out with their dogs and kids and strollers toting there bags of fresh produce around, but hey, how can I really complain?  We picked up a wonderful selection of lettuce, berries, peaches, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and also bought a rotisserie chicken and potatoes from a stand in the market and bread and pastry from a bakery stand (names I will get and post later on as I forgot to even look) and had a wonderful relaxed dinner at home.  Below is the farmer's market chicken which was amazingly good, especially with the provided limes to squeeze over top, potatoes which were also really good with little caramelized bits, and fresh farmer's market salad with the first real tomatoes of the season.  Too bad the Iphone picture doesn't quite do this justice. 
This morning we had farmer's market strawberries and peaches with yogurt and that yummy farmer's market pastry that was almost like a rich flat croissant with sugar on the outside.  Something Chris snuck behind us and got when we weren't looking, thanks Chris!  

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