Monday, June 22, 2009


I have been totally obsessed this week with reading the Twighlight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.  All 4 books.  All 2,444 pages.  I was way late to jump on this bandwagon, thinking, teenage vampire books?  Really?  What could all the fuss be about?  But really, these are wonderful reads.  Different material but same sort of obsession as the Harry Potter series.  Anything that can make you read 2,444 pages in 7 days is worth it.  Other highlights of the week?
- Tuesday night hiking with co-workers at Rancho San Antonio Park for 2 1/2 hours
- Attempting to do an hour long yoga class on a newly washed and not nearly dry enough yoga mat (slippery and wet)
- A successful asparagus, potato, tomato, goat cheese quiche in a home-made savory cheddar cheese and cracked pepper pastry shell, yum!
- Farmer's marketing 2x in one week
- Arranging a houseful of flowers for a friend suprising his girlfriend returning home from a week long trip
-Friday night in with Chris, movies, and take out pizza

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