Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mummy Weekend

Yesterday we all loaded on to the train and headed up to SF.  After a lovely lunch at Lulu, we went up to the SF MOMA and saw the Ansel Adams and Georia O'Keeffe show which was extraordinary but very crowded.  We all met up at the rooftop garden at the top of the MOMA which is filled with interesting sculpture, plants, amazing sky and building views, and lots of good people watching.  It was a lovely surprise as I had forgotten completely that they would be opening that this year and it was a good place to process everything from the exhibit.
This morning we lounged about for a while nibbling on farmer's market strawberries, peaches, and cherries before heading to breakfast at the Ingelside Cafe in San Carlos.  We each had an egg dish in some form or another and then split a stack of sinfully good chocolate chip pancakes.  
Then mom and I packed up and went for a lovely long walk on the beach out at Half Moon Bay, which was absolutely perfect.  The water was cool, sand clean and firm, a slight breeze was blowing.  There were interesting sights like this purple kite tied to a log flying on it's own with no owner around, children running and playing near the water's edge, jellyfish, and a few lonely surfers.
We walked about half-way down the beach, sat and enjoyed the sights for a long while, then walked back to the car.  We are mid-way through fixing dinner now.  Another Jamie Oliver recipe, this time for chicken, potatoes, and tomatoes, and Mom is creating a squash and garlic saut√© that smells heavenly.  One last night sitting around the dinner table, chatting away, then Mom is headed home tomorrow.  What a good visit.  

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