Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beach Day

Yesterday after work I drove out to Half Moon Bay to meet a group of friends from work and head to the beach.  It was a gorgeous drive, on my own, with the sunroof and the back windows of the car open, winding my way over via the 92 through the hills and eucalyptus groves.  It was sunny right up to the point that I pulled into the beach parking lot, which was under a cloud of fog.  I met one of my friends there and we ambled along the gravel trail down to the beach.  
We set up camp near the back of the beach as the tide was coming in and the waves were crashing in.  Some friends were recovering from a rough day, so it fit the mood.  It was actually comforting, enveloping with the fog and the sound of the crashing waves.  Wine, blankets, sandwiches, and kites were produced.  I discovered the sand was riddled with little bits of sea glass and spent about an hour collecting a pocket full varying shades of brown, green, blue, clear, and aqua.  We stayed on the beach for hours watching the ocean calm and the fog get thicker and thicker, talking about the day and future plans, teasing each other and giggling before getting chilled and making the trek back to our cars.  

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