Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Highlights of the Week

The view on my Saturday run
Wow - what a busy few days!  Some highlights:

  • Thanksgiving Dinner - stuffing - pie - need I say more?
  • Chris's uncle M (a retired high school track coach) met us at the track and gave us a running evaluation and some recommendations.  It was fantastic and so helpful - thanks M!
  • We had a great 6+ mile run on the Bob Jones Trail in SLO; what a great run along the creek and out to the pier in Avila Beach.
  • We're packing up the office like mad at work for our big move to our new building in Menlo Park next week.  I'll have a new office all my own, Hmmm... now if I could just figure out the commute route.
  • Chris is winding up his second semester of Grad School - go Chris go!
  • My friend L invited me to try her 'Dailey Method' class today - it was so hard!  My arms and legs still feel like jello.  I signed up for unlimited classes for the rest of the month - we'll see if I can sculpt some great arms by Christmas!

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