Saturday, November 12, 2011

First 10K Completed

Here I am (wearing the blue shirt) on the course at between miles 3 & 4
I completed my first 10K race this morning in lovely San Francisco as part of the Mermaid Series, a group dedicated to women's health and fitness.  I have run some 5K races but this was my first 10K. I had my doubts yesterday but felt good today and ended up running the entire race in 1 hour 10 min and 53 seconds - slower than some but a great time and length accomplishment for me.

Race complete - A well earned view by the sea wall + a little sea water
Chris was my cheerleader, getting me up for breakfast, driving, coffee provisioning, gear toting, and photographing in support of me today.  A big, big thank you to you honey - you were a giant boost for me today!

I'm home now with a good shower had and yummy lunch eaten.  My feet are up and knees are aching slightly.  I've already started researching the next 10K and am feeling proud and joyful right now at my progress and motivation.  


Deborah said...

Look at YOU!!! You go proud of you.


Joh said...

Hooray! Well done you! You are ALL that Miss Summer! :-) xo Joh