Monday, November 7, 2011

10-hour Roast Chicken 2

Chicken - Post 10 hours in the oven.
The 10-hour roasted chicken was deemed a success by my husband and myself.  It will surely occur again and again in this house.  The chicken turned out very, very tender and the skin crisped up nicely.  There were a lot of juices in the pan and the chicken was impossible to flip over at the 9 1/2 hour mark as directed without falling apart.  Next time I'll be adding more garlic heads to the pan as it resulted in very lovely roasted garlic for our plates.

Dinner - Chicken paired with roasted garlic & green beans
Normally I would link to the recipe - but I have had no luck finding a sanctioned copy of the recipe online.  You'll have to check out the book 'My Father's Daughter' for this and other recipes.  I have also made the books cheese & broccoli soup and it has become a regular in our house as well.  

What to try next?  

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