Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tri - Take 2

Sunrise over the swim entry
Chris completed his second triathlon this weekend at the Marin County Triathlon.  We drove up Friday night to San Rafael and stayed in a hotel with many of the other triathletes.  We ended up in a suite with our own sitting room separated from the bedroom, with plenty of room for the bike and all the other gear.  Let's just say it was a wild night of reading and going to bed early.

Chris (in between the red/black flag and the blue flag)
enters the water for warm up.
We got up at 4 am (ugh) and headed out to breakfast.  Then back to the hotel for a quick change and headed out to the course.  It was so cold!  Even in several layers, coat, hat, scarf, and gloves - I was numb after the race.  I can only imagine how Chris felt wading into the bay at 8 am.

Chris spots me near the end of his swim and shoots me
a mid stroke wave.

Done with the bike, Chris is on his way to the transition
area for a quick change for running.

Headed out the shoot for his 5 K run.

Almost done - headed for the finish line.
It was inspiring watching Chris and all of the other athletes completing the course.  I loved watching both the athletes and the friends and family members who were out to support them.  It was great to watch the hugs and high fives - especially between parents and their kids.  I look forward to being there to support Chris as he continues to participate (he is hooked) in these races.  Even with the 4 AM wake-ups, the cold mornings, and the waiting and watching the finish line - I'm hooked on it too, and very proud of my husband.

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