Saturday, August 20, 2011


Handwritten Postcard Invites
Chris and I have been plotting our 3rd Annual 'Last Weekend of Summer' at the Lake for months now.  As the last weekend of Summer is fast approaching it was time to finally finalize the list and invite people.  Last year we did a simple e-mail invite, but I discovered some cheesy vintage looking postcards up at the lake last year and snapped them up for the invites for 2011.  They have been waiting for me in a brown paper bag tucked away in 'a safe place' all year.  Meaning that I had to spend about 30 minutes searching for them as I didn't see them in the 'safe place' at first, then checked there again and of course they really were there all that time!  

I've had a fun hour figuring out just what to write down on these postcards - with the dishwasher whooshing away in the background - typing out the words on the computer so I knew I wouldn't spell anything wrong, then putting ink to postcard slowly and carefully.  I hope that these postcards - tucked into mailboxes and under office doors will bring a smile in the coming days to our friends, at the receipt of a good old fashioned handwritten invitation - and the prospect of a relaxing weekend away at the old log cabin and the dock at the lake.

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