Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day Tripping

Pondering over the menu at Scrambl'z
Chris and I went of on an adventure today.  We hopped in the car and headed south.  We stopped for breakfast at a new-to-us place in San Jose, Scrambl'z.  We sat outdoors and had a lovely meal - anywhere where you can pick from a list of sides for breakfast that includes items like grilled artichokes, cranberry trifle, and roasted jalapenos is alright in my book.  Happily fed we hit the road to Monterey.

The glory of the Sun Fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Open Sea exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium may be one of my favorite places in the world.  The aquarium is an amazing place and is probably one of the top ten aquariums on the globe.  But 'Deep Blue' as Chris and I call it is the gem of the building to us.  We spent hours there today, on the upper level balcony, sitting at a spot on the floor and gazing into the tank in awe.  The room is dark, lit only from the light coming through the water, and is as stunning as any European cathedral could be.  It's special to us, as the place we went on our second date, and seemed a fitting place to go with our seven year wedding anniversary rolling around tomorrow.  Arriving at 11:30 and leaving at 6:30 - with only a break for lunch, we headed back to the car feeling peaceful and overly relaxed.  What a special day - thanks honey, and happy anniversary!

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