Friday, August 12, 2011

San Diego

Posing with the Dragon outside of the folk art museum.
Catching up; Father's day weekend this June I hoped on a plan down to visit my Grandmother and Father in San Diego.  We had a wonderful time with each other, filled with quiet time at Grandma's house, a father daughter technology project to get the blue ray player hooked up to the Internet, coaching Grandma through streaming Netflix and setting up a Pandora account, and being booted out of the house for father daughter alone time (Thanks grandma).

Gardens at Balboa Park.
The feisty 3rd generation of the family had pre-planned a few outings for Dad and I (to get us out of her way I'm sure).  One of the days she shipped us of to explore Balboa Park, making recommendations for lunch and museums gracefully.  We ended up having a lovely day with a lot of conversation about Dad's life that I didn't know about before.

Exploring the tropical greenhouse with Dad.
Growing up without a lot of time with my Dad and living long distances away from each other has unfortunately hampered our relationship with one another in the past.  We had a lovely day, building new memories, learning about each other, and strengthening our relationship.  Love you Dad.  Love you Grandma.  Thanks for the wonderful visit!

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