Monday, August 22, 2011


Long awaited - The last credit card statement.
When I arrive home tonight after going to a double feature at the old Stanford movie theater (Breakfast at Tiffany's?... perfection) - I came home and checked the mail on the way in the door.  There was a single, solitary, envelope in the box.  The statement to the last credit card we have a balance on.  I opened the envelope and actually smiled, how often does that happen to you when you open a bill?  I smiled because it is the last credit card statement in a long line of statements of us paying off our credit card debt.  We've been buckling down for over a year, paying extra to the credit cards, paying of each of them one at a time - and we are finally going to be done!  Heaven.  I think this may call for a good old fashioned hand written check, a trip for the two of us to the mailbox, and a celebratory drink with my husband.

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