Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scavenger Dash

Finding the Grinning Sculpture & matching the pose.
Catching up; In early June Chris and I completed a 'Scavenger Dash' in San Francisco.  We were given 12 clues to solve and 4 hours to get to each clue and take a photo to document completing the clue and/or challenge.  We were allowed to walk, run, and take public transportation.

Chris finds the rocket ship and 'takes off'.
Thank goodness for smart phones!  Chris and I managed to solve most of the clues and map out a route to run around the city as quickly as possible.  We found a fortune cookie factory hidden in an alley in Chinatown, hoofed it up Nob Hill, ran down Market Street, found Forest Gump's running shoes at Pier 39, rushed through Little Italy in search of a buried time capsule, and hopped on and of buses and light rail all around the city.

Finding two perfect strangers to blow bubbles with
Challenges included getting perfect strangers to blow bubble gum bubbles with us, transferring cotton balls using the Vaseline tip of one of our noses, and shuffling skittles around from place to place using only straws.

A well deserved beer after completion of all 12 clues.
We had a blast learning about our big SF city, discovering how friendly and helpful SF citizens are again, passing our competitors on the street, plotting our routes and cheering each other on.  If you are a walker or runner and Scavenger Dash comes to your city - don't hesitate, it is a must do.  Scavenger Dash is country wide in cities like Tucson, Chicago, and NY.  Check it out at: 

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