Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bocce Ball Party

We had a wonderful party on Sunday for our friends M&L who are getting married soon.  We reserved the Bocce Ball green at a new restaurant called 'The Office' about 3 blocks from our home and invited everyone to join us for a casual and relaxed Sunday afternoon celebration for M&L.  The gathering went perfectly, people came, played games, enjoyed food, and congratulated M&L on their upcoming wedding.

Chris helps by carrying the balloons.
Chris and friends
play a game of blockus.
A guest throws out the pallino (a small white ball which is the target) for a game of Bocce.
Friends take their turn throwing out their Bocce balls.
I had made a small photo book for M&L with pictures I had pirated off of Facebook of them as a couple.  People signed well wishes in the book and L liked it so much she asked if she could also put the book out at their wedding.  Once the party started winding down we changed location by walking to our apartment and having desserts and coffee.  The change in scenery worked perfectly and the party kept on going for another couple of hours.  It was a wonderful night and a true testament that hosting a party doesn't have to be hard.  It was just some simple planning and arranging on our part and the bride and groom to be were both very touched and pleased.

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