Saturday, December 18, 2010


I woke up this morning grumpy after staying up too late with our friends last night (Birthday party at Benihana then over at a friend's house playing apples to apples and eating home baked cookies - poor me).  After settling onto the couch with a cup of coffee I was still grumpy.  My husband got up and through the fog I started smelling bacon, and the world snapped back into place.  I am so grateful and happy in my life right now.  Here are some things I am very grateful for at this moment:

1. Time with friends who enrich our lives.
2. Gourmet bacon shipped in dry ice from my Dad and Step-mom.

Swedish Christmas dolls Chris's mom brought back for me from her trip a
couple years ago; Chris is happily cracking eggs in the background.
3. The click of our new/borrowed/on-loan/permanent Canon EOS Rebel XTi 400D camera... thanks to Chris's Dad.
4. Christmas is 1 week away and we will be in SLO with our family and the dogs in 6 days.

My adorable husband in the kitchen.
5. Chris cooking breakfast inspired by our Benihana chef's amazing performance last night.  I wonder if he'll make a stack of onions into a steaming 'volcano' too?

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Anonymous said...

Keep the bacon (reluctantly), but hand over those Swedish dolls. Oh, and Bob says he wants that duplicate rocket ship. ;-)