Monday, December 20, 2010

Since the last post

Top 5 things since the last post;

1. Chris being totally pleased with his breakfast egg, bacon, pepper, onion, and goat cheese creation (me too).
2. Several rounds of two player Blokus (we're addicted).
3. Re-discovering sauteed spinach with shallots and mushrooms.
4. Dinner on the table with our Christmas shopping and packing supplies awaiting us.
5.  Wrapping up our gifts.  
We picked Hallmark brand wrapping paper this year, a birthday version actually, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was 'adhesive'.  Meaning the underside is slightly tacky and will stick to your packages nicely, making a smooth finish to your gift (score at 2 rolls for 4.99).  I love the pattern as it is almost an acid green, a graphic, yet ties into Christmas well, and everyone will know who the gifts are from!

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