Monday, November 22, 2010

Granny's House

My Grandma as a young girl, around the time she met my Grandpa.  
I've been down in San Diego for the past few days helping out my 'Granny', who is so not your typical Granny, after a long hospital stay resulting from a surgery.  She has been doing better and better everyday and it has been wonderful to be here helping out along with my Dad.  We ran a crazy amount of errands over the weekend, played lots of rounds of Skip-bo, did our chores, and spent time catching up.

Today I took dad to the airport, then went into the craziness of Trader Joe's right before Thanksgiving and gathered up a ton of groceries to stock the fridge and pantry for quite a while.  Trader Joe's had all the fixings for Thanksgiving, so even though I won't be here, I went ahead and got all the ingredients for a Turkey Day meal.  My cousin is coming in tonight, and I fly out tomorrow.  Her dad will be coming in tomorrow night.  It feels like an intricate old-english dance, this family coordinating so seamlessly.

My cousins and I the last time we saw one another.  I'm sitting down at  the end of the dock.
Cousin M is in the boat, Cousin K is the taller kid on the right.
After re-meeting my cousin after about 20 years I've decided to cancel my flight back to SF for Tuesday and stay through Friday so that we can get to know one-another again.  This way I will also get to re-meet my Uncle and another cousin after again, about 20 years.  Looking forward to getting connected again.  I'll take the train up to SLO on Friday and connect with my husband and spend time with his family then.  

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