Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Laundry Day

History of Laundry, at least it is easier now.
One of the benefits of being a federal employee is the federal holidays. Veteran's day is one of those weird floating holidays that often land in the middle of the week.  So it is a Thursday and I am at home, not sick, enjoying my day off.  I have lots of quarters and piles of laundry, so after sleeping late, eating a yummy breakfast with my hubby, and lounging on the couch I am starting the attack on the Laundry.  I've got vetoed movies from my hubby to watch... which will probably be awful, but I have no worries about anyone criticizing them (except me of course).  My feet are up, my timer is on for the laundry, and I have all the fixin's for a yummy Thai Beef Salad in the fridge.  Life is good.  

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