Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maker's Party

We are getting ready for a party at a friend's house tonight in celebration of the Maker's Faire this weekend.  There several people we know in town for the Faire that we have not seen for a while so it should be good fun.  I have laid out my clothes and there is water boiling for a pasta dinner for the three of us (Chris's brother is in town and they went to the Faire today) to eat before we go as it is a cocktail and sweets party*.  We will hopefully catch up with a lot of people and the Boys will be able to dish about all of the cool stuff they saw today, like electric motorcycles, flame throwers, and segway polo.  Ahhhh.....  the joy of Geekdom!

* and yes it was a good party.  We had good friends there to catch up with.  Our host set out a wonderful spread with margaritas, champagne, sodas, and beer to drink and lemon cupcakes, pies, fruit with chocolate dipping sauce, and assorted candies to nibble on.  It was so nice that she wasn't running around trying to get dinner on the table, and we got to catch up with everyone in a very relaxed un-structured way.  There were about 10 people there so it was easy to talk to everyone.  A very low-stress (looking) form of entertaining people and rather inspiring.  Thanks S!

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