Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Club Reunion

So a few years ago, when I was single, I was in this awesome all women's book club in SF.  We were all single, dating, and growing up together and would have lengthy and racy talks less about the book we had all read (or not read) and more about our lives and dating.  We all eventually scattered to the winds, found our partners, and the book club came to an end.  It just so happened that all of us were going to be in town this weekend and we decided to get together again and bring our significant others.  The 'reunion' was hosted in Oakland, so I packed up my hubby and a big bowl of cherries, blueberries, and strawberries from the San Carlos farmer's market, some folding chairs, and we headed off.  It was so amazing to see everyone again.  Six years ago we were all single and finding our way and now we are all married, or very close - last one is getting married in July '09; and some of us even have children (that are 4 years old)!!!  It was so neat to see how everyone is doing and catch up and reconnect.  We were bound and determined to have a out door potluck, so we all bundled up (it was chilly in the low 50's) and set out a spread in the backyard.  Someone brought huge red and yellow heirloom tomatoes and made a yummy goat cheese and pesto dressing for them, there was also the summer's first ears of corn spread with butter and pink Hawaiian salt, homemade garlicky hummus, and of course good old fashioned hot dogs with all the fixin's.  The kids blew bubbles and watered the garden and we grazed and chatted the afternoon away.  
Coming home we met up with a co-worker friend of mine and went out to dinner at one of the only open places in San Carlos on a Sunday night, Sneakers.  He had been on a fried food ban since New Years, but it was his birthday, so we got these horrifically spicy garlic fries which were coated in buffalo wing seasoning.  He and my husband both literally broke out in a sweat trying to handle those.  We then came back to our apartment and I made really yummy chocolate chip cookies and we played Wii games into the wee hours.

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