Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

This picture was taken at a wedding in November by the same photographer that shot
our wedding over 7 years ago. It is my favorite photo of Chris and I all year.
Hello all.  It's the last day of 2011 - this year has just spun past so quickly.  Last year I resolved that I would really like to focus on my health and become more active.  I struggled with motivation at first, but in February Chris convinced me to join him on a lifestyle change after reading Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes.  I was very skeptical at first but after reading the book, I was convinced too.  We decided then and there to not put it off any longer and took to the kitchen and pantry to purge the carbs.  Since then Chris has lost 60 Lbs and I have lost over 40 Lbs.  It has made a huge change in our confidence, energy, and love for life.  I am so glad we did it and am looking forward to continuing it in 2012 and beyond.

Chris and I also started running together and we completed several races this year including the Bay to Breakers 12 K in SF, the San Jose Firefly nighttime 5k, and a 5k 'Mud Run' in SLO.  Chris also completed his first and second triathlons, one in SLO and one in San Rafael.  I also completed my first solo 10k in SF.  I think my new years resolutions for 2011 (getting healthier and more active) have definitely been well established this year.  There were a lot of other wonderful changes and events for us in 2011 - you can check out Chris's summary of this year with pictures on my last post.
Our own attempt prior to our photo above to get some pictures - Chris is so handsome.
So what about 2012?  What are the goals for this coming year? I want to work harder on connecting with our friends and family.  I have been horrible about keeping in touch with a lot of important people in my life, especially the long distance ones.  I'm looking forward to more phone calls, visits, and mailing of notes and birthday cards this year.  I want to work on keeping friendships and family ties strong and watch them flourish.  
Chris's turn behind the lens
My other goal for this year - I want to document time and people more.  I want to work on my photography and really learn how to use the great digital camera Chris' dad loaned me.  I also want to document Chris and I better - to get other people to take pictures of us.  There were very few pictures of Chris and I when I went looking back at our pictures for 2011.  And almost no pictures of our family members (!).  I've spent a few hours looking at Cameron Ingalls' website this morning and would love to learn to see light and love like he seems to.  He does a lot of weddings - but also does engagement and family shoots - and I am amazed by his family photos especially.  So be warned family and friends - I may be asking you to participate in some practice photo shoots this year - just bear with me.

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