Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

Chris and I actually pulled it together to send out a Christmas letter this year.  We had a great time looking back on the year (using the blog was a great reminder) and putting a few of the highlights into our letter.  Chris was the writer and I was the formatter for the layout and pictures - I have no talent in putting up the format in PDF here though. Following is our letter with a few of my favorite pictures from 2011.
Here we are at our friends wedding in January 2011
2011: A year of firsts.  The year started off right: our close friends -- L&M -- were married, under the stars, in Carmel on the 1st of January. 
Chris and I on a Tucson desert run in February
(three weeks in to our low carb diet lifestyle change)
February found us in Tucson with Deb and Bob. Chris caused his usually-irreparable damage, upsetting the Harrison-Blackett Hacienda with yet another gadget.  This time, he helped Bob install a new TV antenna on the roof.  Summer and Debbie -- oblivious to the disruption -- spent a ‘mother-daughter week,’ together. 
Chris at SCU exploring the campus with me one day before the start
of his classes for his Master's degree.
March saw Chris taking his first classes in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Santa Clara University (being a full-time student, he expects to be graduating by the end of 2013).
Chris at Maker Fair 2011 - teaching the joys of HAM Radio
May brought the Maker Faire, in which Chris was deeply involved with the Amateur Radio Booth. That same weekend, Chris officiated his first wedding, joining S&S, under the sun in Mountain View.  Summer gave up her Birthday Weekend to all of this, so Chris organized a surprise birthday party breakfast with friends the weekend before.
At Balboa Park with Dad
In June Summer spent a long Father's Day weekend with her Dad Bruce and Grandmother in San Diego enjoying the weather and several museums in Balboa Park.
Chris' SF Birthday Weekend, enjoying some Chai tea and reading
before going to the movies at the I-max
July and August were, comparatively, slow.  Chris got good a swimming, biking, and running.  Summer got better than Chris in the running department.  In July there was a vague remembrance of a Birthday Party with TONS of FRIENDS and BEER joined at a real Beer Garden.... but no one seems to want to admit that anything actually happened.  Summer abducted Chris, whisking him away for a Birthday Weekend in San Francisco (which he does remember).
Our view of the Deep Sea Exhibit and it's glorious Sun Fish
August was also a 7th Anniversary Celebration for us, entirely spent in front of the newly-refurbished Deep Sea Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Chris' first triathlon - he loves this photo cause he looks bad-a** in it!
Chris finished his first Sprint Triathlon at his old Stomping Grounds in October, (Scott Tinley's Adventures, Lopez Lake, CA).  As soon as he was on his bicycle, he was like a salmon swimming up-stream... he used to ride with friends up Lopez Canyon all the time, soon after he left the Army and moved home.
Me after finishing my 1st 10k in SF
Summer finished her first 10k run in November, completing the San Francisco Mermaid Run in 70 minutes.
Us at a wedding in November 2011
(we've lost over 100 Lbs together since the first picture in this post taken in January)
And, no, we have NO idea what kind of 'firsts' will be able to top all of this year's, come next.

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Anonymous said...

You two are SO inspirational!!!

Here's to more of all good things in 2012.

Deb (aka Mummy) and Bob