Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh it was a blissful trip to Tucson to visit my Mom and her hubby, Bob.  I had not seen her in over a year (!) and my 'Mommy Meter' was very, very low so it was wonderful to reconnect and just simply spend time together.  We all had a wonderful trip, and I am very thankful that my husband, mom, her husband, and I all genuinely get a long and enjoy each others company.  We stayed away from doing the whole tourist thing, though did spend a day at the Desert Museum to see my mom living the dream as a Docent and also get a sneak peek 'behind the scenes' at the greenhouses that Bob volunteers at.  Most days were spent talking and just 'being' together (although a few movies and a little shopping snuck in there too).  We were having too much fun to take many pictures, though some are below.

Glorious Cacti in the Desert Museum greenhouse, waiting to be distributed around the grounds

Bob and Chris stacking sanitized planting pots at the greenhouse

An amazing sunset from the backyard in Tucson

Chris and I pause during one of our runs in the desert to take in the view

A sunrise and sunset, one going, one returning

Returning home to SF International 

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