Saturday, March 26, 2011


Great News!
I am very, very proud and happy to announce that Chris was accepted to Graduate School yesterday.  We were keeping it a secret until it was all 'official' and it was a bit of a nail biter and down to the wire.  He met with admissions at Santa Clara University just under 3 weeks ago and happened to meet the Dean of the school and fall into conversation.  The Dean really liked Chris and unofficially admitted him to start the spring semester - so Chris has been scrambling to fill out paperwork, apply for student aid/loans, and get documentation.  His transcripts finally arrived to the school yesterday afternoon and he was formally accepted (just in time).  He'll be beginning classes for his Master's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering on Monday.

Chris is walking on air.  He loved the school the minute he set foot on campus and has nearly been holding his breath for the past three weeks trying to make all of this work out on time.  We got the news at about 2 pm yesterday and sent the word out to our friends to come celebrate.  It was a wonderful feeling to be cheered on by so many important people in our lives.  Today we'll be calling our family and Chris will be registering for classes.  We'll go 'back to school' shopping tomorrow - I think a new school bag is a must.  And on Monday, Chris will step into his new life as a graduate student.  What a whirlwind!  I suppose that when things are meant to be, everything just falls into place.

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Debbie & Bob said...

Totally, totally wonderful. Congrats!!!