Sunday, October 24, 2010

To SLO Again

Though this week started off badly, waking up and having to deal with the smashed Volvo, it's been filled with mostly highs.  Some Highlights:
1. Though the deer did some damage, the car is not totaled and will be fixed. Yay!
2. Chris arranged a rental car that the insurance pays for, so I have wheels while the car is in the shop.
3. An on-sale Jacket from the Gap showed up on my doorstep.  It fits perfectly and is perfect for the mild fall weather we get in the bay area.  I wore it every day this week.

4. On Friday Chris arranged a rental car trade in for an awesome Dodge Ram TRUCK.  It is almost exactly like the one he drove when we started dating.  He actually squealed with glee when he saw it.
5. We then road tripped it back down to SLO for a final weekend getting the house clean and ready for rental.
6. We busted our butts cleaning windows, floors, touching up paint, wiping down cabinets, installing a new garbage disposal, changing fire alarms, replacing bulbs & cleaning light fixtures, and even pressure washing the whole exterior of the house and the driveway!  Phewwww!
7. We got to watch the Giants win the NLB championship finals against Philly with the family, and that means the Giants are heading to the World Series!  How cool is that?

On a bad note:  I screwed up my back on the great house cleaning, probably with all the obsessive power washing I did... I'm praying that I feel better tomorrow.  But at least the house looks better than ever; everything is in tip-top shape - down to the lightbulbs.  I am hoping we get renters soon.  Fingers crossed!

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