Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh Deer!

First, Chris and I are okay.  Second, we hit a deer with our car on the way home from SLO tonight.
My dear husband was driving, thank goodness as I would have completely freaked out, and as he came around a curve on Hwy 101, he found a deer standing on the white line looking away from the car.  He swerved to avoid it but clipped it with the front driver headlight of the car.  Our front headlight was shattered and the front of the car is bent a little on that side.  Judging from the little bit of blood and hair found on our car, the deer is not doing well.  Luckily the car seems to drive fine and the headlight somehow still works.
We were able to make it home okay after a quick stop to buy Duct Tape to secure the headlight beam towards the front.  I just have to say, thank God that it wasn't worse, we are alright, and the car will likely be okay.  It could have been such a disaster.  I hope everyone remembers that anything can happen, please drive safely.

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