Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Fall

Hello Fall!  I am so looking forward to you this year, here's why:

  • I have just discovered how fun and easy it is to bake bread.  I'm hoping to fill the house with hot fresh bread smell at least 1x per week.
  • After work hikes without melting in the heat.
  • Watching a pair of good friends get ready for a baby!  And get married (that was planned prior to the baby news)!
  • Butternut squash soup; but just using about 1/2 the curry powder called for.
  • Starting a family-style dinner club.
  • Learning to knit again, or maybe crochet for the first time.
  • Turning the above home grown apples from a friend into a dessert of some kind, suggestions anyone?

1 comment:

Deborah Harrison said...

Loving your blogging energy! How about the Apple Brown Betty from our old red checkered Better Homes & Gardens cookbook? Easy and delicious. Let me know if you want the recipe and you can share it if you like.

Mummy xoxoxo