Monday, September 13, 2010

The Great Northwest: Day 3 - The Wedding

What a joy to see my great friend M.S. marry her sweetheart M.S. - it was a wonderful, personal, thoughtful, hand-spun, loving, happy, lovely day. M&M were glowing. It was plain to see that they were really meant to be together, and had a strong deep understanding love for each other. After getting to know the groom better I could not have wished for a more perfect match for my good friend. How lovely.
There were so many personal details in this wedding. From the hand cut hearts used for garlands and 'flower petals' for the flower girls from surplus pages of the children's books M&M craft into clever journals together. To the pie served from their most loved coffee shop date in there home neighborhood. And the picnic blankets stacked up for use at the reception site. Thank you M&M for involving us to witness and be present for you on this unique and special day.

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