Sunday, August 15, 2010

6 Years

Chris and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary yesterday. What a wonderful day. We slept in, hung out and drank coffee, read, then split up for our workouts (I did a 5 mile run... impressed my self). We regrouped then pondered what to do. We were tempted to just walk over to our local Thai restaurant, and were actually walking over there, when Chris intervened.

'No! We need an adventure' he said.

We walked back home and loaded up into the car. At that point I was hungry and tired and cranky (sorry hon) but Chris ordered me to eat a granola bar and he started driving north. We got on the BART in Daly City and proceeded to have an adventure in San Francisco. We took a cable car ride, hoped off in China Town, and walked of the beaten path to North Beach. He took me to the corner where he had asked for my phone number 7 1/2 years ago the night we met. Then we walked up the street a couple of blocks to the restaurant where we had one of our first dates. Back then we were trying to find the restaurant where we had first met, but gave up when we walked by Sodini's and were lured in by the dim lighting, smell of good food, and noise of room packed full of people having a good time. We had one of the best meals of our lives there and were treated so wonderfully... Chris said that he simply had to take us back. We again had a wonderful meal and reminisced about our years together. We then walked through the night through north beach to the water and took in the view of the golden gate and bay bridges, then hopped onto a vintage street car past the ferry building then back to the BART for the ride home. We drove home, with a short detour for pie at Heidi's Pies, tired, content, and happy.

Thank you Chris for all the adventures we have found in our 6 years of marriage. I love you more deeply and profoundly than I ever imagined was possible, even the day we got married. Thank you for a wonderful 6 years, looking forward to the next 60 with you.

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