Saturday, March 3, 2012

Knock on Wood

Dusty hopped in the car trunk a couple of years ago, I think he might like our news!
Well, we went to see the duplex.  It was lovely.  Two bedrooms, wood floors, great windows and light, a garage/work shop for Chris, a laundry room with extra storage, a separate dining room and living room, and the owners allow dogs.  The neighbors are a German tech couple - really friendly and nice.  The place ticked off all our wants, except no dishwasher, and the location and price were way too good to pass up.  Luckily the landlords are very picky and they liked us!  
So.... it's ours.  We'll be meeting to sign the lease next weekend and moving in over the next month.  Can't wait to have dusty come live with us finally - Mountain View here we come!

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Joh said...

Oh congrats Summer and Chris! I loved living in Mountain View! Well found!

Joh :-)