Friday, March 2, 2012


Chris started the apt/house hunt again - I randomly got craigslist posts e-mailed to me by him earlier this week.  We talked and I agreed that we do need to move for Chris to have some work space for school projects and his new radio repair shop.  We have been off and on hunting for the past three years and each time I have obsessed over craigslist, gotten way too emotional, and then given up in disappointment.  Chris and I made a deal earlier this week, I requested that I be banned from craigslist and any other real-easate rental sites - but that I would happily go look at his finds.  It's worked pretty well this week, except for my stress out tonight over dinner - bless my patient, caring husband.  We have a dog friendly duplex to look at on Saturday - wish us luck (and me sanity).  

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