Monday, February 13, 2012


I came across an idea in a magazine of a journal which consisted of a daily entry of only one sentence every day - as a memory keeper.  I love the idea and want to give it a try here. Sometimes the thought of sitting down to write a whole entry just seems so overwhelming.  I always end up pressuring myself to complete the entry perfectly with good writing and photography and it just seems like it will take forever. A minimum one sentence entry every day, sometimes with a picture - sometimes not, seems like an approachable and doable feat.  
Here are some of the sentences that should have been posted on this blog in the past couple of months:
December 21, 2011: 
Got a call, Chris's dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer - this is so scary!
December 22, 2011:
Skipping the annual Solstice party and heading south to San Luis Obispo so we can set eyes on Doug and see if he's okay.
December 23, 2011:
Arrived last night to see Doug and Debbie, give them great big hugs and get the status update. Cancer doesn't appear to have spread and surgery is pending next month or two - time to decorate the Christmas tree and pray.

Doug makes traditional breakfast sausage for Christmas Morning
December 24, 2011:
A boozy and tearful Christmas Eve but so thankful for our family.

December 25, 2011:
More stressful than usual but still good to see everyone.

Chris stares at me with amused tolerance as I work on my New Year's resolution -  more photography of people I love.
January 1, 2012:
Weird new years feelings today - feel worried and lucky all at once.
January 11, 2012:
Surgery today.
January 14, 2012:
Set eyes on Doug again, he is sore but healing well.  Spent the day steaming 30 year old wallpaper off his office walls - remolding is coping for some.
January 15, 2012:
Escape to craft store, friend encouraged me to get started on something new, Crotchet?
January 16, 2012:
Holiday spend crocheting a 'neck warmer' scarf, wrapped and dropped of at encouraging friends home before heading north. 
January 28, 2012:
Girls lunch of salad at Sprouts Cafe, mani / pedi birthday party for Ms. N - so relaxing!
January 30, 2012:
Doug got his latest test results, he is cancer free, phew!
February 8, 2012:
May be crazy but have decided to complete my first Triathlon in June - got to get to work!

February 9, 2012:
Bass Lake Sprint Triathlon June 2nd, 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run, here I come!

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