Friday, September 27, 2013

Radio Silence

A piece by James Sansing, installed in the
SF Airport as part of the Recology Exhibit
It has been very silent on this site for quiet some time now.  I have been struggling a bit with the idea of this blog, maybe been put on a bit of a self imposed strike for some months now.  Questioning my purpose, my identity, my cause in terms of this blog.  While I read and enjoy many other blogs, some daily, do I too want to be out there for just anyone to find?  Who is this blog for?  Myself yes, but who else?  Do I restrict it for just my family and a few friends?  Do I leave it open for perfect and complete strangers to find and follow along?  Do I want to grow the blog and leave it open or close it off to only those who I give permission?  What is the reason?  Why should I do this?  What do I want?

As the months have gone along with no posts to speak of I have thought of this little space often, and have missed it.  It has been a place to mark down memories.  Something to look back on to remember a trip, a visit, a milestone in life.  There have been many memories in the past almost year since my last post - birthday celebrations, a very important graduation (go Chris), a new job, a 9th anniversary, weekend getaways, and more.  I have found that by not marking them down in this virtual space, some of the details have been blurred or faded away.  Looking through the pages here has been a trigger for remembering times past, people seen, places shared.  

So - as for the identity of this place.  I am definitely not a 'blogger', not a writer, not someone to lead the trends.  This will not be a space for fashion shoots or product reviews.  There will be no sponsored posts or ads on these pages.  I will do my best to jot down the genuineness of my experiences to memory and try not to allow concerns for others to sway my words.  If you follow along you will likely find some differences here, some edited posts and deleted pictures.  I will document for myself yet protect the privacy of others who are unaware.  This blog will be a space for me, and for mine, and as for the perfect and complete strangers - if they stumble into this space - they are welcomed for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, I have followed your blog from time to time and enjoy hearing about your life. We often think about how lucky were were to have you as friends and neighbors in the BVI. I have tried to get in touch with your mom to but don't have her new email. You (both) can reach me at (the .....s would be our last name)

Anonymous said...

Oops that looked like it has an s on the end of our name.. But it doesn't