Sunday, August 19, 2012


The girls at the Cabin
Earlier this year I talked about completing a sprint distance triathlon.  Moving and a lack of motivation and training derailed that a bit - but I still hosted a triathlon weekend in May at the Bass Lake cabin for a couple of my girlfriends for their first triathlon and ran the 5K sister race.  I was a bit disappointed that I didn't accomplish my goal, but, it was a good reality check.  

How does one go from a run or two a week to a triathlon in a couple of months?  Especially when one is totally freaked out by the idea of riding a bike anywhere with even the remote chance of sharing the route with a car?  Conclusion - triathlons, while I am amazed by my husband and friends that even dare to cross the starting line - are just not for me.  

So what is for me?  Sticking to a normal exercise schedule - instead of 3 months on 6 months off - would be a good start.  The 5K I ran that weekend was faster than my first ever 5K, and with only a couple of runs as training in the month before hand, I was actually kind of pleased.  I also loved seeing my two girlfriends transition from their swim to their bikes, waving and screaming like mad to motivate them on their out and back run, and toasting their first triathlon with Gatorade mimosas on the dock.  

Since then?  I've started slowly with more walking and some exercise classes.  In the past few weeks I've increased my frequency and am feeling stronger with more Dailey Method Classes, walking, hiking, and yoga.  Up next, adding in my running again and looking towards more 5 & 10K races as goals.  

Triathlons?  Still not for me.

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