Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well we found a wonderful duplex, a 2 bedroom, wood beamed ceiling, light filled, your dog is allowed apartment. As glorious as it was, and beautiful, and perfect for us, we decided to let it go.... we just couldn't do the 500+ per month increase in rent. I wanted to fake myself out, pretend that we could afford it, that we would be happy homebodies who never went anywhere that cost money, but I knew in my heart we would be stretching ourselves too thin, that we would be money stressed all the time. It was a difficult decision for us both, but we passed, and felt like we had grown up a bit in the process.
The plan now? Stay where we are for the moment. Our apartment is small, but we like the location, it fits our needs for right now, and it is something we can afford. Instead of moving we are focusing on paying off the credit card debt for once and for all. The balance is looking like something we could pay off in about a year and we are just so close, I can taste it. The thought of actually having it gone is like a dream come true. We could have savings, we could provide better for a family, we could save up and go on trips!
We will send off as much as we can set aside per month and will try and have the debt gone by my 32nd birthday, late may of 2011. My birthday just came and went, I'm 31 now. Birthdays have become like new years eve for me now, I always think about where I want to be by my next birthday. My list for this year?

Be happy with what you have.
Gain freedom from credit card debt.
Continue to strengthen your relationships with friends and family.
Be good to yourself.
Take advantage of life's opportunities.

Now - time to go watch the Germany World Cup game with Chris at the German Beer Garten in Redwood City!

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