Friday, January 29, 2010

New Work Blog

I have been asked to maintain a Blog at work to gather information and news for potential and current students, staff, and 'alumni' of our program at the VA. Please check it out to learn a little more about what I do and where I spend 40 + hours per week, loving every minute of it.

You'll find posts such as the one below, hopefully up-dated every week or so... a goal I should set for this blog... hmmmm....

ABC Channel 7 San Francisco, Dec. 20, reports, “Veterans at the VA hospital in Palo Alto are being trained to use technology where their eyes can no longer take them.” Story goes on to follow a veteran who is using the device to maneuver through a local community town. Laura Kohler, who is an Orientation and Mobility Specialist at the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center at the VA hospital, said, “What’s different is it’s about the same size as a handheld device, but it’s got a tactile key board overlay to allow them to access the information using a sense of touch.” The GPS figures out where he is and he tells it where he wants to go.

Click HERE for a Link to the ABC News Clip

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Deborah Harrison said...

That's so COOL!!! And so nice to see some of what you do. I need to come shadow you shadow a vet one day.