Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hmmm........ appear, disappear, appear, disappear. Sorry! Here is a list of a few things I have done in the past month:

- Cabining with friends. Spent loads of time on the dock, in the lake, and hanging out with my husband and close friends on the last weekend of the summer. Loved it so much that it may need to become an annual tradition.

- Wading up the 'falls' at bass lake, water as cold as just melted ice, cool rocks, pebbles underfoot.

- Birthday tea party at a friend's loft. Tea sandwiches, scones, and real tea-cups. Twin three year olds thrilled with a real tea party to watch at our table.

- Another attempt at Bikram Yoga up in the City. HOT, Sweaty, and not really prepared. At least I had friends to make eye contact with and grimace!

- A visit down to SLO to enjoy the vineyard view, chickens, and dogs. Also a beer at Spike's.

- Getting real about a budget and organizing our finances, painful now, but it will get better.

- Making pizza at home with Trader Joe's pizza dough, less expensive and more fun. No rolling pin? Ok let's use a wine bottle instead, and drink the wine too.

- Sitting down to watch Benjamin Button at home (best movie I have seen all year). If you haven't seen it, please do, it is amazing.

- Losing hours of time window shopping on-line now that I know I don't have the money to spare. Self-punishment, or guilty pleasure.... not sure which yet.

- The arrival of fall. Pumpkins, coats, and scarves. A chill in the morning air.

- Early rain this year, overnight, and hard all day. Walking into the apartment to find water all over the kitchen floor from flooding (fixed hopefully now). A quick trip to Mac's BBQ for comfort food (due to an irrational fear of electrocuting myself with the electric stove should I try to cook dinner).

- Re-learning to ride a bike. Facing my fear of riding with traffic and making my way safely to the library and back.

- Attempting to read Jane Austin's 'Emma'. I like the movies better!

- Seeing my husband walking in the door after class.

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