Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crazy Busy

Acckkkk!! What a busy few weeks here. Time just seems to go zipping by when you are running from one thing to the next in work, play, and everyday life. To quickly catch up, here are a few of the Play items I / We have been doing lately:

- Playing tour guide to Chris's family + two 16 year old foreign exchange students over the long weekend. In less than 24 hours we.... stood in line for an hour at the Powell street trolley turn around, rode said trolley to the Wharf, walked to Pier 39, stared at 100s of sea lions, went to Coit Tower where we took in murals and an incredible 360 degree view, walked Little Italy and China Town, shopped 'till we dropped at Union Square, and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge (2x).

-Discovering 'Movies on the Square' in Redwood city and enjoying both Casablanca and The Sound of Music with my Husband and friends in the beautiful CA evening weather.

- Going to about a half dozen Picnics and BBQ's for birthdays, holidays, reunions, and just becauses in wonderful parks and backyards, with tons of old and new friends.

- Taking in Hitchcock movies at the historic and fully restored Stanford Movie Theater, which has someone actually play the organ in between shows.

- Heading out to Half Moon Bay with friends to hang out on the beach, watch the waves come in, the sun set, and to enjoy a good bottle of wine.

- Heading out for simple dates with my husband like Pizza by the Slice and strolls.

- Hiking at Rancho San Antonio Park after work with friends (and lots of bugs, ick).

- After one year of moving, pinching myself and realizing that yes, this really is my life.

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