Saturday, August 22, 2009

5th Anniversary

August 14th was our fifth wedding anniversary. We headed up to Chris's grandparent's wonderful 1940's log cabin in Bass Lake, CA where we honeymooned to celebrate for a long weekend. It was absolutely ideal. The weather was perfect, we were in the midst of the Perseids star shower, and the cabin awaited us in all of it's homey glory.
We had a wonderful time. We stayed up late and slept late every day. Chris always managed to sneak out while I was asleep to fetch a newspaper from the nearby village. We had quiet mornings reading the paper, making breakfast, and sipping hot coffee on the deck.
The afternoons were devoted to the lake, either lounging under the umbrella and reading on the dock, or in the water bobbing with our floaty 'noodles' until we were too chilly to stay in any longer.
Chris was a grill 'Maestro' and whipped up a supreme Tri-tip with grilled veggies and corn for our anniversary dinner. I set up a table with candles on the deck and we opened a bottle of wine from our wedding for dinner.
After dinner we went down to the lake and motored the boat to middle of the lake to watch for shooting stars. We were pleasantly surprised by a fireworks show from the shore at the 'Pines Lodge' that went on for quite sometime, reflecting off the waters of the lake, and were rewarded for our patience later with several brilliant shooting stars.
Before leaving on Sunday, Chris looked up our entry in the guest book from 5 years ago, read it aloud - bringing tears to my eyes, then added another entry for us to look up in the future. We are so very lucky, the two of us, to love each other more deeply and understand each other more fully as time goes on, to have shared such a wonderful past, enjoy the present, and look forward with such excitement to our future together. I love you Chris, you are a incredible and amazing person, and I am filled with joy everyday to share my life with you.

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