Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wedding Bliss

My good friends S&J got married yesterday. It was a lovely ceremony in a very rustic catholic church. I got there early and though not really religious, went and lit a candle for my friends and concentrated on all of my well wishes for the couple. I hoped that the happiness and love they felt on their wedding day would grow even deeper as time went on. That they would succeed in supporting each other in jobs, kids, and times of stress, and that there would be laughter and smiles through even the tough times.

The reception was a blast. Chris saw many, many friends from High School (both the bride and the groom went to high school with him) and reconnected over stories of the past and of the present. We danced for hours (even the funky chicken) both together as a couple and in a circle of friends until the DJ called it quits. We hugged our friends goodbye and packed our car full of gifts and cases of leftover wine to drop-off at the bride and groom's house on the way home. Once home, shoes were kicked off and we crawled into bed.

We slept in this morning, until a late for us 9:30. I persuaded Chris that really, nothing would do for breakfast except a fresh donut, and set him packing for a 'Happy Donut' run (not that I had to twist his arm or anything). We then watched an hour or so of Looney Tunes with our donuts, coffee, and fruit salad while in our PJ's before starting the menial tasks of the day (homework, grocery shopping, etc). Chris laughed when I took the picture below, but really I think it captures the heavenly, lazy feeling of the morning perfectly!

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